This is what Scary Dairy Press is all about. Nova was found starving, tick-riddled, in the street. Owner is an abuser. Nova is in Mississippi. We are traveling from VA to save her and find her a loving home. Nova had a guardian Angel today. Thank you, kind and caring soul, for calling us and caring about her! Ten percent of Sapient Farm novel sales for the next 6 months will go to finding her a home!

Score! Great review for Sapient Farm!

It’s a tad late since its original birth into the world, but the Kirkus review of Sapient Farm was absolutely fantastic. “Dark but fascinating . . . ” and “A riveting tale that will excite and enlighten many readers . . . ” are words of praise we won’t quibble with at all! The review was on the mark, including its description of betrayal and extreme violence. This is not your George Orwell’s Animal Farm, although there are dark shades of something similar sprinkled throughout. This is a tale of what the animals might do if they could actually fight back. Will humanity survive?

The Power of Change

Just a couple of weeks ago, Scary Dairy Press released its very first anthology, “Mother’s Revenge.” We are very proud to say that it’s done well these past couple of weeks, and has received some favorable reviews. This is important to us, as our publications revolve around using fiction and global issues to help make change for the better.

The rest of this year, we have three (3) projects we are working on that will be released the first half of 2018. Titles are 1. Bio-Nightmares (a compilation by Catrin Sian Rutland and Querus Abuttu) that revolves around dark changes of the human body using science and other modifications, 2. Terror Politico (an anthology that will include 30-35 short stories about horror, dark-sci fi and other tales related to politics) and 3. Untitled (a novel about the Washington D.C. underground, and the strange creatures that live down below.

Trust us, it is going to be a busy, and rewarding year! The thing we also love is that 10% of earnings from our products go to various earth and life-saving organizations who can truly benefit from assistance. Some of these organizations may be local to our authors,  and some may be global. Either way, we love knowing that our readers, editors and our staff/writers are making a difference.

If you know others who would enjoy these tales, please spread the word! You can also send us organization donation ideas, tell us what type of earth issue or crisis you’d like us to attack in an anthology, and if you have a novella or novel along the social-political-ecological arena then send us a query and we’ll consider it!

Finally, you’ll see a lovely website change in the next couple of weeks. We’ll have a fantastic cyber-space new look! We hope you’ll enjoy it as well as refer your friends and fellow intellectuals to our pages. Many thanks to all of you, our readers. There is no success without you!


Cin Ferguson, Ph.D.


Scary Dairy Press

“Mother’s Revenge” Release in May!

Wow. Our “Mother’s Revenge” project recently left Scary Dairy Press’s nest and will soon be living all on its own via or a bookstore near you. This anthology has been a joy for our team to work on, and the authors who participate in this anthology are all amazing people who worked hard with us on edits to help create a fantastic read!

If you enjoy horror, speculative fiction, and pre-apocalyptic tales, then this anthology is for you. “Mother’s Revenge” will also appeal to anyone who wants to help improve the environment, and who understands the need for changing our lifestyle and habits so we can help to reverse that damage we, as humans, have done to the planet.

Our business has made a promise to donate the first $100.00 of every thousand made from “Mother’s Revenge” sales to go to the following earth-saving, ecological organizations:

  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Water is Life
  • Sierra Club

Please join us in helping to stop and reverse the damage we’ve done to our Mother!

Compiling the List!

Submissions are closed for the anthology, “Mother’s Revenge!” In the next few days we’ll send out results of our review of submissions. The next phase will include edits of stories, and shopping for the cover of Scary Dairy’s first anthology. Stay tuned, because we may even have a vote among the top three favorite proposed covers for this anthology. In addition, this group of stories will be available on by October of 2017 (our goal!). Lots happening here in the next few months, so keep checking back for updates on the anthology publication, cover, recording and release and more!

Happy New Year!

Scary Dairy Press Team

Mother’s Revenge

This is the first annual submission call for the 2017 Scary Dairy anthology: Mother’s Revenge!

Submission Guidelines:

Scary Dairy Press is seeking short story submissions of 3000-7000 words max for the anthology: Mother’s Revenge!. This a passionate anthology about Mother Earth taking her world back from the humans and teaching us a lesson. Mother Earth can partner with humans to stop the destroyers, animals can be heros, or they may need saving. Any aspect of an ecological disaster or climate change problem can be created or considered. If you have a question about appropriate content, then message us!

What we want: This anthology may include one or more genres such as: horror, dark fiction, dark fantasy, speculative fiction, or bizarro.Your story may occur in any time, place or space. Mix it up, but make it thought provoking and disturbing to the human conscience. It’s up to you whether you offer the world hope, provide an answer to survival, or predict final death and destruction on the very last page.

What we don’t want: No child abuse/sexual abuse scenes. No gratuitous splatter, gore or rape. If you use it, there must be a clear purpose for it. No overused tropes (vampires, werewolves, zombies) unless you clearly have something unusual and unique. If you’re not sure, then email/message us and ask at

Manuscript format: Shunn Manuscript Format:
Dates: 2 September, 2016 -02 December, 2016

Payment: $30.00 (3000-5000 words) $50.00 (5000 words) $60 (up to 6000 words) $70.00 (up to 7000 words) US $ per short story accepted. No stories under 3000 or over 7000 will be considered.

Submit manuscripts to starting 9/2/16. Subject line should read: Mothers_Last Name_Title of Submission

Publishing rights remain with the publisher for a total of 2 years, and may include written, electronic and audio formats.