The Power of Change

Just a couple of weeks ago, Scary Dairy Press released its very first anthology, “Mother’s Revenge.” We are very proud to say that it’s done well these past couple of weeks, and has received some favorable reviews. This is important to us, as our publications revolve around using fiction and global issues to help make change for the better.

The rest of this year, we have three (3) projects we are working on that will be released the first half of 2018. Titles are 1. Bio-Nightmares (a compilation by Catrin Sian Rutland and Querus Abuttu) that revolves around dark changes of the human body using science and other modifications, 2. Terror Politico (an anthology that will include 30-35 short stories about horror, dark-sci fi and other tales related to politics) and 3. Untitled (a novel about the Washington D.C. underground, and the strange creatures that live down below.

Trust us, it is going to be a busy, and rewarding year! The thing we also love is that 10% of earnings from our products go to various earth and life-saving organizations who can truly benefit from assistance. Some of these organizations may be local to our authors,  and some may be global. Either way, we love knowing that our readers, editors and our staff/writers are making a difference.

If you know others who would enjoy these tales, please spread the word! You can also send us organization donation ideas, tell us what type of earth issue or crisis you’d like us to attack in an anthology, and if you have a novella or novel along the social-political-ecological arena then send us a query and we’ll consider it!

Finally, you’ll see a lovely website change in the next couple of weeks. We’ll have a fantastic cyber-space new look! We hope you’ll enjoy it as well as refer your friends and fellow intellectuals to our pages. Many thanks to all of you, our readers. There is no success without you!


Cin Ferguson, Ph.D.


Scary Dairy Press


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