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Mother’s Revenge

Wow. Our “Mother’s Revenge” project recently leftScary Dairy Press’s nest and will soon be living allon its own via or a bookstore near you. This anthology has been a joy for our team to work on, and the authors who participate in this anthology are all amazing people who worked hard with us on edits to help create a fantastic read!

Scary Dairy Press

Sapient Farm

Our first novel release, “Sapient Farm” by Dr. Querus Abuttu (Dr. Q.) is available on at Sapient Farm. It’s available in Kindle and print formats as well as in audio on!

Querus Abuttu (Dr. Q.)


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Querus Abuttu (Dr. Q)


Dr. Querus Abuttu, Ph.D. is an author of several short stories and a novel (the first in a sequel) titled, "Sapient Farm." She explores issues of violence toward humans and animals, and is constantly asking tough questions in her work. Dr. Q. writes stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking, and continues to push the envelope in speculative/horror/dark sci-fi fiction.

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