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Mother’s Revenge

Wow. Our “Mother’s Revenge” project recently left Scary Dairy Press’s nest and will soon be living all on its own via or a bookstore near you. This anthology has been a joy for our team to work on, and the authors who participate in this anthology are all amazing people who worked hard with us on edits to help create a fantastic read!

If you enjoy horror, speculative fiction, and pre-apocalyptic tales, then this anthology is for you. “Mother’s Revenge” will also appeal to anyone who wants to help improve the environment, and who understands the need for changing our lifestyle and habits so we can help to reverse that damage we, as humans, have done to the planet.

Our business has made a promise to donate the first $100.00 of every thousand made from “Mother’s Revenge” sales to go to the following earth-saving, ecological organizations:

  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Water is Life
  • Sierra Club

Please join us in helping to stop and reverse the damage we’ve done to our Mother!

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