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Scary Dairy Press LLC is a small press dedicated to finding and publishing the best of dark, bizarre and strange fiction.


Mother’s Revenge

Mother’s Revenge

Wow. Our “Mother’s Revenge” project recently left Scary Dairy Press’s nest and is living on its own via or a bookstore near you. This anthology has been a joy for our team to work on. And great news! In 2018, the anthology will be released in audio, via! Narrators are Meghan Crawford and Tom Taverna, two very talented voices who will bring these stories to life even more! Stay tuned for more updates on the Audible version in the coming weeks!

Scary Dairy Press LLC


Scary Dairy Press publishes titles dedicated toward dark sci-fi/spec-fic/bizarro and horror fiction that focuses on world issues that need a-fixing!

Sapient Farm

Our first novel release, “Sapient Farm” by Dr. Querus Abuttu (Dr. Q.) is available on It’s available in Kindle and print formats as well as in audio on! Narrated by Ben Sheedy.

Dr. Q.


Dr. Querus Abuttu, Ph.D. is an author of several short stories and a novel (the first in a sequel) titled, "Sapient Farm." She explores issues of violence toward humans and animals, and is constantly asking tough questions in her work. Dr. Q. writes stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking, and continues to push the envelope in speculative/horror/dark sci-fi fiction.


19 February 2018

“Terror Politico” is now in progress, gestating and embryating–churning and burning–preparing to be ready before the chaos of the November elections. This is an anthology you’ll just have to Tweet about!

1 June 2017

“Terror Politico” 2018 Submission Guidelines

This is the second annual submission call for the 2018 Scary Dairy anthology: Terror Politico!
Scary Dairy Press is seeking short story submissions of 3000-7000 words max for the anthology: Terror Politico!

This is a terrorizing anthology about the evils of politics, and the Capital Hill monsters that lurk in our political arena. Take on a favorite topic of debate (examples: firearms, contraception, women’s rights, racism) and escort it into the fiction arena. Put a paranormal, or monster spin on it, or take it into the future. You decide! Any aspect of politics that keeps you awake at night could have a home here. If you have a question about appropriate content, then message us!

What we want: This anthology may include one or more genres such as: horror, dark fiction, dark fantasy, speculative fiction, or bizarro. Your story may occur in any time, place or space. Mix it up, but make it thought provoking and disturbing to the human conscience. It’s up to you whether you offer the world an answer to political corruption, or end the tale with the death and destruction of stars and stripes on the very last page.
What we don’t want: No child abuse/sexual abuse scenes. No gratuitous splatter, gore or rape. If you use it, there must be a clear purpose for it. No overused tropes (vampires, werewolves, zombies) unless you clearly have something unusual and unique. If you’re not sure, then email/message us and ask at

Submission dates: 01 September, 2017 -31 December, 2017. Submit to .

Payment: $30.00 (3000-4999 words) $50.00 (5000-5999 words) $60 (6000-6999 words) $70.00 (7000 words) US $ per short story accepted. Reprints will be considered, and if selected SDP will pay $25.00. No stories under 3000 or over 7000 will be considered without permission of SDP. Submit manuscripts to starting 9/1/17.

IMPORTANT: Subject line should read: Politico_Last Name_Title of Submission

Publishing rights remain with the publisher for a total of 2 years, and may include written, electronic and audio formats.

Manuscript format: Shunn Manuscript Format. READ THE DIRECTIONS, or risk not being read.

Under Construction! More coming soon!